Lane + Lanae is a fine jewelry company founded in Southern California by two sisters, Melissa Lane + Alesse Lanae. Alesse, with a knack for aesthetic, was constantly designing unique jewelry pieces for her family + friends. Melissa, inquisitive + thoughtful, balanced her sister's ideas with practicality + reservation.

Being so close in age, the sisters were often mistaken as twins + were just as inseparable. As they got older + circumstances meant they couldn't always be side by side, they started looking for creative ways to stay connected.

Matching jewelry was the perfect link.

Drawing from original family heirlooms handed down through the generations, the sisters designed two-of-a-kind pieces for each other. Since they have always shared, they wanted to create a line that others could enjoy with those closest to them. In August of 2015, the sisters launched Lane + Lanae, naming all collections to evoke fond memories of childhood.

Each 14k gold + high quality diamond design is dreamed up in La Jolla + handmade in Los Angeles, California.