Lane + Lanae is a fine jewelry company founded in Southern California by two sisters, Melissa Lane + Alesse Lanae. The sisters grew up reimagining their elaborate family heirlooms that had been handed down through the generations into wearable, contemporary designs that still maintained their meaning. In 2015, they launched Lane + Lanae, creating a new generation of heirlooms.



The Lane + Lanae sisters design all of their collections together. Drawing inspiration from fond memories of childhood and their own family heirlooms, the sisters focus each collection around a cohesive design element that reflects its name. They meticulously draw out each piece, discussing sizing + scale to ensure practicality and wearability.



The sisters not only want you to feel good wearing your jewelry, but also to feel good about what you’re investing in. Their team of master craftsmen in Downtown Los Angeles translate their drawings into handmade-to-order investment pieces using ethical and sustainable practices and materials.


Frustrated with the standard sizing options that most designers offered, the sisters set out to create comfortable, quality jewelry that fits no matter what your size. They believe jewelry should never be one size fits most, so they offer a range of sizes for each of their designs. They also specialize in custom orders and can make any design to your specifications. For custom order inquiries, please fill out our form here.



The sisters believe in giving back to the world and community. That is why they work closely with and donate to two amazing organizations, NOMI Network and The MEYROW Foundation. Nomi Network creates economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking by equipping them with leadership, entrepreneurship, and production skills to become financially independent. The Meyrow Foundation creates programs that improve the quality of life for families living with Parkinson’s.