Lane + Lanae is a fine jewelry company founded in Southern California by two sisters, Melissa Lane + Alesse Lanae. 

Alesse, with a knack for aesthetic, was constantly designing unique jewelry pieces for her family + friends. She studied art and design in college, graduating from the University of Arizona with a B. A. in Studio Art. She then went on to work for several jewelry designers as well as in fashion public relations as a publicist for accessories brands. 

Melissa, with a thirst for creativity, has dabbled in many different art forms throughout her life. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Cinematic Arts + has built her career to incorporate everything from film + animation to fine arts + design. 

The sisters grew up reimagining their elaborate family heirlooms that had been handed down through the generations into wearable, contemporary designs that still maintained their meaning. In August of 2015, they launched Lane + Lanae, creating a new generation of heirlooms.