Karats, Carats or Carrots?

Lets talk about the kind with a 'k.' Karats refer to the measurement of gold.

We use 14 karat gold in all of our pieces, be them yellow, white or rose.

The amount of karats in the material refers to the amount of raw gold in the metal. So, 24 karats is pure gold, but is also softer, which means its more easily bent or transformed with wear. Adding other metals makes the material stronger, depending on the amount. So the 14k gold we use is pretty sturdy!

If you would like to place a custom order, we are more than happy to create any of our designs or a custom design in a higher gold weight. Feel free to reach out here with any questions!

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WE'RE TALKING DIAMONDS ||| What Size Diamonds Do We Use?

Diamonds range in size and are measured in carats (not the kind you eat).

A 'carat' is a term to measure the weight of a diamond. Carats can be divided into points which allow us to measure even more precisely.

We use a variety of sizes depending on the cut (or shape) of the stone (diamond). These sizes range from .06ct-.09ct. It just depends on how the stone is individually cut. Some of our pieces have multiple stones, which can add up to total a full carat or more.

Although our diamonds are dainty, they are of a great quality.

We also offer custom sizing. If you wish to purchase any of our designs with higher carat weight, we are more than happy to work with you! 

The higher the carat weight, the pricier the diamond becomes. So, please keep this in mind if you are considering a custom diamond size.


Feel free to reach out with any questions here!

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WE'RE TALKING DIAMONDS ||| What quality diamonds do we use?

Diamonds come in different shapes (cuts), sizes (carats) and colors.

We believe our customers should be investing in quality over quantity and want to give you only the best.

Now, we never said perfect. Perfect is hard to come by and is extremely costly. BUT we ensure that all of our diamonds are of SI1 clarity or above. 


SI1 refers to the clarity of the diamond. SI means 'slightly imperfect' and the number beside it refers to the level of imperfection. So, our diamonds will have minimal flaws and shine brilliantly.

We hope this makes the process a little less intimidating for you and are happy to answer any additional questions.


Feel free to reach out with any questions here!

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Some might say that stacking jewelry has seen its day [SAY WHAT?] but we beg to differ, along with about a million other girls and influencers alike. Stacking and layering jewelry isn't just for your typical editorial shoot and it definitely calls for a little finesse. So, in order to create the perfect stacked or layered look, we've come up with a few simple tips to ensure the perfect combo every time!



Ok ladies, if mixing golds is your jam, then by all means, mix away! BUT for some of us, the super edgy multi-gold vibe just doesn't fly. *

We suggest choosing one color gold to layer and stack. This way you can dress your look up or down by adding or removing pieces. For a more dramatic look add more layers + stacks or for a more casual feel, tone it down with just a few pieces. 

*NOTE Step one need not apply to ear piercings! If you're edgy enough to rock 6 piercings up your lobes, then you should definitely be donning the multi-gold look!



Ok, so for instance, if you stack three rings on your pointer finger, skip the middle finger and place a midi ring on your ring finger, then you can add a pinky and thumb ring to the combo and your fingers are perfectly adorned! *

Same goes for wrist chains, if you're rocking a million chains on one wrist, just skip the other all together. Sometimes less is more, and we love the unbalanced asymmetrical thing. This goes for hand chains too. Allow the piece to stand out on its own but by all means, go crazy with the rings on the opposite hand!

*NOTE The thumb ring is always ok, no matter how many other pieces are on deck.

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Layering neck chains is an art in of its own and you really have to get it just right in order to pull off the look. 

Length is definitely a factor when purchasing your neck chains in general. You wouldn't want to buy all your pieces at the same length because you would never be able to wear them together to create a layered look.

Another thing to consider is the occasion. If you're going for a more casual look, less is more, but you may want to doll yourself up a bit with several neck chains for a more glam look. With this in mind, our favorite or magic number is three, we love sets of three! You're usually always safe with this number since it works with a casual or dressy look.

We hope this helps when styling your jewels!