INTRODUCING // The Heads or Tails Collection


Named for the reversible designs throughout the collection, the Heads or Tails collection features both black and white princess cut diamonds channel set on opposite sides of each piece. Like all of our collections, Heads or Tails is crafted in Southern California using ethical and sustainable practices and materials.

Heads or Tails was inspired by our father’s original wedding band, which was unfortunately stolen years ago in a home robbery along with many of our cherished family heirlooms. A symbol of celebration and love, one of our family’s heirlooms, taken away. We wanted to honor the spirit of this idea that good and bad exist together—that everything in this world contains a little light and a little dark.

So like it’s namesake, the collection represents duality in all it’s facets. Good and bad, dark and light—both ends of the spectrum exist together, dependent on each other rather than separate. The interchangeability of each piece speaks to our every-changing thoughts, emotions, and identities. Some days you feel light and other days dark. With our Heads or Tails collection, you can embrace both sides.