You Should Inherit Jewelry, Not Plastic.


Sustainability is one of our top priorities at Lane + Lanae. A new generation of heirlooms means more than just creating high quality, ethically sourced products meant to last and be passed on to your loves ones. It also means that how those heirlooms get to you is equally important.

In our effort to lessen our footprint on Mother Earth, we’re implementing new and improved packaging materials. While we have more ideas in the works, here is what you can currently expect when you order from us:

  • 100% Recycled boxes

  • Water activated tape, printed with soy-based ink

  • FSC Certified and acid-free tissue paper and stickers, printed with soy-based ink

What this means is that all of our packaging is easily recyclable, so that when you invest in your heirlooms, you also invest in the future of our planet.

Feel free to comment below with any questions!